Video Camera inspection – Inspecting clogged pipes, lines, and pumps

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Most of the time, it gets frustrating to tackle the clogged drain. Why? Because one cannot see through the pipes under cement or deep inside the sewer lines to find the root cause of the drain issues. To overcome this problem, Alliance Plumbing and Sewer Inc. has installed specially designed waterproof plumbing cameras to aid the technicians in conducting a thorough visual inspection of underground pipes and sewer lines, especially the ones that lie under the foundation of the house and cement.

Why do we prefer video camera inspection – Inspecting clogged pipes, lines, and pumps?

Though conventional methods of unclogging the drains are no less, the usage of this innovative video technology makes it convenient for both plumbers and homeowners to fetch a detailed and close-up picture of the pesky clogs that lie yards and yards down the drainage system. With the real-time visual inspection, our team of experts can determine the conditions and devise an action plan accordingly, which was impossible to formulate otherwise. With the cameras, we do not merely rely on the guesswork related to the sewer diagnosis. Rather we troubleshoot the actual problem and assure the homeowners that we have addressed and identified the real issue.

How do video cameras work?

The process of sewer camera inspection begins with the insertion of a rod attached with a high-resolution camera on the tip through the sewer lines. We make sure that only a trained plumber handles the whole process. The best thing about using high-tech waterproof drain cameras is that they are quite flexible. They can easily move through the twists and turns if there are any in the drain lines and examine the pipes up to two inches to thirty-six inches in diameter. The video cameras transmit real-time images to the monitors attached to the wire, and the footage is saved for future references as well.

Which issues can be addressed through drain video cameras?

The video camera inspections are extremely helpful in combating;

  1. Grease obstructions.
  2. Grime buildup.
  3. Root intrusion.
  4. Breakage and corrosion in the pipelines.

Apart from the above-stated benefits, the technicians of Alliance Plumbing and Sewer Inc. have also used these cameras to locate the lost precious belongings and removal of the trapped animals from the drain and sewer pipelines. We also recommend homeowners to get the drains of their new homes checked with the drain video cameras so that they may get sure that the drain lines are free of all problems, and they will not get to pay extra for the repair expenses later.

Why choose Alliance Plumbing and Sewer Inc.?

We claim to be the best plumbing company because we are;

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  2. Insured and licensed.
  3. Well-reputed for timely response in emergencies.
  4. Well-equipped with trained and licensed staff.

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